Your Complete
Wellness Destination

We go beyond fitness to total wellness.


Your Complete
Wellness Destination

We go beyond fitness to total wellness.



Looking for a better solution?

Static Gym Culture

“I don’t like gyms!” WE GET THAT. We’ve created Pinnacle Wellness as a new approach to your fitness experience. We combine modalities in exercise and bodywork to bring you this unique concept in a boutique setting.

Elite Performance

“I want to improve sports performance.” Whatever your chosen sport, we can help you to enhance and improve your strength and stamina while reducing your risk of pain and injury.

Pain & Injury Relief

“I have pain that prevents me from doing what I love, even sleeping” our massage therapies are geared to minimize acute and manage chronic pain so you can get back to doing what’s important to you.

Healthy Weight Management

“I’m tired of dieting.” No diet culture here! We will guide you to a new realistic relationship with food that will keep you on your path to your goals while you enjoy the moments of your life.


Benefits & Outcomes

Manage Your Pain

The Pinnacle System of massage and bodywork will help you to Manage acute and chronic pain through our bodywork system which incorporates osteopathic therapies including massage, stretching, postural therapy and connective tissue alignment

Improve Your Game

The Pinnacle System Athletic Conditioning Program will help you to Improve your sports performance and reduce your risk of injury with our emphasis on strengthening your core powerhouse muscles through the Pilates method.

Fuel Your Lifestyle

The Pinnacle system nutritional coaching program, combined with our exercise and bodywork system, will help you to readdress your relationship with food in a realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable lifetime approach.

Address Your Stress

The Pinnacle system is designed to reduce inflammation and stress on the body and mind. You will experience benefits in all aspects of your life. The potential for success is limitless.

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Maintain Your New Lifestyle

Reach Your Goals

Embrace the Pinnacle of Your Wellness!

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From Pinnacle

Dream Team

“If you are looking for a dream team to help you feel stronger and maintain your peace of mind, look no further. Laura and Tamara worked with me for nearly 4 years during and after my treatment for breast cancer. They helped me to keep my body and my spirit fit to manage my treatments and stay strong. These two are the real deal: they are amazing professionals and beautiful souls. I live in Texas now and can’t find anyone even close to their capabilities. I cannot recommend them enough!”

~ Kerry G.

Outstanding Instructors

“I have been doing pilates with Tamara for several years. She is an outstanding instructor: knowledgeable, patient and motivational. More than that, she is warm, friendly, smart, and in-tune with her clients. Tamara will find ways to challenge you at all levels. I always leave her sessions feeling energized.”

~ Emily M.

Masters of Their Craft

” I have been working with Tamara and Laura as a team for over a year and have seen extensive results in terms of my physical and mental health as well as in my overall quality of life. Tamara and Laura’s methods are rooted in strengthening and conditioning one’s body in order to allow an individual to live the most healthy and active lifestyle at any age. It became immediately apparent upon meeting them that Tamara and Laura are masters of their craft and care deeply about the work they do and about their clients.”

~ Kasey S.