So….we did it!  Welcome To Pinnacle Wellness!

We believe that we fill a void in the wellness space which transcends a  luxury spa experience and brings it to your everyday maintenance of body and spirit.  We seek to be approachable always, inclusive as a mandate, and flexible as the needs of our crazy times demands.

We open this space with no expectations of our own, except to meet yours.  And what you can expect from us is a safe, clean, (for now) socially distanced facility that will meet your wellness and fitness goals.  You can expect from us an acceptance of YOU in whatever form you bring to us “today”. You can expect responsiveness to your concerns.  And flexibility to your schedule.

And you can expect, when your session is done, that you will feel somewhat better than you felt before.

We can’t wait to see you.

Yours in Health,

Tamara and Laura