About Us

The Pinnacle Philosophy

How many times have you walked into a gym or studio that didn’t feel like “you?” The atmosphere seemed, too aggressive, or too laid back; you felt overwhelmed, or not challenged enough? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cultivate your intellect along with your physique while working out strong in a way that felt like you were also working out well? 

We know how you feel. We have a combined 35+ years in the coaching, wellness, and fitness business and yet…no space has ever felt “right” to us. So we decided to create that space to evolve past gym and diet culture. Pinnacle Pilates and Massage elevates your fitness and wellness experience to keep you challenged and energized body, mind, and spirit. We are a boutique studio space with a focus on private instruction and bodywork treatments. But here’s the twist… we work collaboratively, not competitively. We combine our programming to yield you your optimal results. Need more pilates one week, more massage the next? Looking for some nutritional coaching? Planning for a big race or tournament? Let us help you plan out your schedule as it suits your body’s unique needs. If you decide to focus on one or the other for a time, you are free to transfer from one provider to another, and back again. This cooperative approach between our providers is the essence of the Pinnacle Wellness philosophy. We are YOUR team. Here for YOU. No guilt, no ego, none of that has a place here.

Meet Your Team

Our philosophy is simple: everyone needs a slo-mo crew. (You know, in the movies when the team comes together and the hair is flowing and victory is in their eyes and the music starts and the picture goes a little blurry and you know it’s going to be a good outcome?) WE are your slo-mo crew. We will combine our knowledge and experiences in movement, massage, wellness, coaching, and planning to focus on your reaching your wellness aspirations. Cue that slo-mo music…Your team is here. Your team is us. 

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Tamara Winawer - Master Pilates Instructor

STOTT Pilates; Precision Nutrition; National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) 

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Laura Zamudio - Master Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist; Neil Asher Technique Trigger Point Therapy; Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist.